Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Daddys
Push yourself..
Sometimes it pays off to push yourself just a little.
I like to think that is the way I look at things.
Do something maybe just a wee bit outside of your "box."

You know, that one maybe your parents instilled in you or the ones you acquired through your close social group. Your own circle of life.
This is not to say you shouldn't use your head or smarts. 
But sometimes - maybe rarely - when you do something or go somewhere that God forbid might not be who "you" are; you might learn something.
I look at odd experiences that way. It is an opportunity to learn something.
Sometimes you learn something about yourself. 
Sometimes you learn things about others.
Sometimes you wonder at how a person gets to that point - of their own "box."

Maybe it is just some silly thing like going to a place to eat that normally you wouldn't dream of. (mostly because it is in an area that your "box" deems dangerous)

I took this shot of a drive thru very quickly as we were leaving a Mexican eatery last night. We would not have been there - it is not in our "box". The food was good and we all had fun. (I went with all of my family)
The neighborhood is not the best. It is run down. I was told repeatedly how much crime was around us. 

I didn't witness any of that...and that is good. I think experiencing a different style or pushing it to say - culture, is not a bad thing. I kept thinking how narrow one's thought is when you instantly put a label on something in that way. There should be merit to things; even if it is different. 
Maybe just appreciated for what it is? No one is saying you have to jump ship and change your own style.

I think; if you never try to move outside of that parameter that was set by you or your environment - you lose. You narrow your mind and experiences.
Not everything has to be just a certain way. A little push and shove sometimes can be a good thing.

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  1. Totally agree and well spoken. All of need to realize a box has an opening!'


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