Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More in Focus...  
Just Resting

I saw a Monarch Butterfly yesterday land in the yard so I went to get my camera. By the time I got back to the point where it had landed, it was gone. Why not?
I have some Cat Mint along side our shed where there are always butterflies, moths and different types of bees so I walked over there.
I managed to snap a few shots - one was a bee in motion which didn't turn out. (they were being very buzzy!) I did get a few other images but no Monarchs.
This one is one of those Cabbage white butterflies. They are everywhere this time of year and yes, we do have some cabbage growing out in the back so... 
I had a hard time capturing this one, for some reason it appeared to be a bit camera shy.

Buzzing along
Buzzy Bees...

I did catch some bees even though the one I "thought" was an awesome shot didn't pan out. No worries... I will go back out and try again. I have hummingbirds too that I attempt to catch with the camera but it always seems to be the wrong time of day when I see them - which means either it is early in the morning and I can't get out to shoot without scaring them away - or it is at dusk when I am not ready with the camera!

I can always count on the squirrels and chipmunks to be outside for me to photograph but the bees seem not to care too much though so I will settle for butterflies and bees. For now.
Maybe I will get a chance to capture that Monarch as well.

It is my husband's birthday today....oh, I ended up eating a very decadent - salted/caramel - chocolate cupcake. Wow. Talk about good...but rich. LOL

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