Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Purple People Bridge
To the end...
Don't you just love all the angles and lines.
This bridge is a purple icon over the Ohio River! The Purple People Bridge. (yes - I said PURPLE)
Connecting downtown Cincinnati, OH with Newport, KY.
This bridge is no longer the L & N Railroad but a pedestrian bridge now - and it is now a focal point of many activities.
You can even climb/walk this bridge - on the top!  
(check out the side with the rails) Or just leisurely walk across and enjoy the view. It only takes about 20 minutes...and on both ends there is so much to see and do - from the Newport Aquarium and shops on the KY side to the world of Cincinnati on the other! There is a nice bike path along the river you can even walk or bike on. The community has done a nice job of offering so many things for all ages.
It is just a nice place to go - all the way to the end.

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  1. I still don't have email so I am snooping around and saw your work and how you keep busy and the purple bridge which looks endless. Great photos, also the bag photos. Very interesting, I can feel the enthusiasm in your journaling.


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