Monday, August 27, 2012

I am going to share just a smidge of what I actually do all day.
Hahahaaa....Well, for most of the day anyway.
Aunt Jeni's Raw & Meaty Bones
This is an actual photo of a product that is out on the market. 
They are for dogs and cats both.
The products are treats and Raw & Meaty Bones.
My dogs would have LOVED these.
The owner of the company is sending me samples so my grand dogs and other kitties in the family can be taste testers...LOL.
I did all the work on these containers, keeping it clean and simple and to the specs needed by the company producing the product and for the company producing the bags. (that is a tall order) Thank God for CS6 and Illustrator.
I am thrilled with the results and I hope the general public will buy them up! The dog food/product market is very competitive and huge.

Aunt Jeni's Chicken Breast Treats

You can see that in the TREATS bag the window is a clear paw. Love that.

I also did the logo for this company...oh gosh, over 10 years ago??? 
Notice the Doberman in the design...

Art Board in CS6 Illustrator

A beginning...
This is what I started with. The 'Art Board' in Adobe you can see it can get a bit involved. 
All of the boundaries have to be set precisely so it prints correctly; all of the colors have to be specified exactly. When I started, some of my artwork was a different tone of black than say, the black in the text. 
To the eye it looks all the same but to the printer it does not.
The back of the package is actually upside down when looked do get used to it. 
It is amazing what you can do with a bit of work!

Printed Proof
Almost there... 
This is the product (to the left) printed as a proof on the compostable product/material. 
 It is all one sheet and then formed to create the food bag!

These are the things I enjoy doing when I am not shooting photos or editing. 
(and how I pay the bills...LOL)
I love tedious work at times and there is a great feeling of accomplishment when I see the final results of my hours in studio.

OK...back to work.
I hope you enjoyed seeing into a smidge of my work day.


  1. It's a joy to see what you do to 'pay the bills'. My husband has been in the private label grocery business for many years. I've seen many different package designs come and go and know a little bit about the intricacies of the job. Have never seen the brand in this neck of the woods or I'd give it a try.

  2. Yeah, I know...the company is in Maryland so it is pretty East coast based I think? Not a big company either...loved sharing! :D

  3. Well done! The artwork is lovely!! Can't wait to have samples for Greta!! :)


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