Sunday, August 26, 2012

Taylor-Southgate Bridge; Ohio to Kentucky
Just thinking...
It is nice and quiet here today. It is sort of a respite from the norm.
I know, there is stuff going on everywhere and yeah, I do have things to do.
Being active and busy is just who I am . Most of the time...But I do enjoy just sitting - not talking - not reading - not looking at the computer screens or anything else.
Realistically? I have to be on the move or in action if you want to call it that.
Otherwise nothing gets done. just relax and being able to not think is nice too.

I took this shot in 2009. It shows one of the many bridges over the Ohio River. 
This view is from the Ohio side looking towards Kentucky.
Bridges and roads are always interesting to me to shoot.
They lead somewhere.

White Water Gardens, Indianapolis IN

In Repose...
We were in the White Water Garden area, right next to the Indianapolis Zoo when I took this shot of this butterfly. Or is it a moth? I forget...I guess I should have made better note of it! The gardens are absolutely gorgeous on the inside. Almost better than the zoo!
Quiet and manicured. 
All of the family went on this outing and it was a very full and fun day for ALL of us. The Dolphin exhibit was probably the highlight of the zoo, while the garden areas were a nice highlight too.
Just in a different way.

It sums it up...
This piece sums it up for me.
I so totally agree with Audrey Hepburn on this one.
Maybe not the 'icon' part but definitely the rest.
I have been such a firm believer in what one 'perceives' and how it is just that.
What they perceive. It in no way is reality most of the time - it is just in their minds...
And as far as the last line?
Yeah. I always do my own thing.

And I am glad of it.


  1. Amy, that butterfly shot is just gorgeous. Love the depth of field and the incredible detail in the flowers. Also like the angle on the bridge photo. You're so good with the camera.

    Glad you 'do your own thing' because I enjoy reaping some benefits from it!

  2. I am debating on what photo to comment....they are both very interesting. When a person has self confidence, it's only natural to want to do your 'own' thing. I know for sure Audrey Hepburn had it and no doubt you do too. Funny coincidence about seeing her posted here because I just read an article about her and how the French look at true elegance, chic and good taste. I must post it in my blog, lol.


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