Saturday, September 8, 2012

Palmer House, Chicago
Just right...
I have been busy trying to get from point A to point B...couldn't get in here to blog - at all yesterday.
And I enjoy blogging every single day.
It is nice to come in and just jot down some of my thoughts.

This is a photo from the lobby in this 25-story Beaux Arts-style hotel, The Palmer House Hilton. 
Absolutely breathtaking on the inside. 
Little would one know this architectural gem is inside from just walking by.

You step back into time; into that gilded age by just walking through the doors. 

If you sit and think quietly you can almost hear the hustle of guests and staff - back in the 1930's...the glasses clinking and subtle chatter. 
Maybe playing in the background softly is the Leo Reisman Orchestra with the Cole Porter hit, 
"You Do Something to Me"...

Potter Palmer's Peacock Door

I was impressed with this building and it's wonderful grandeur and can easily see why so many Presidents and dignitaries chose this hotel as the place to stay. 

I couldn't stop looking - you don't see craftsmanship like this anymore...
And the Peacock door at the entrance of the lobby are magnificent.
They should be - they are valued at $170 million!!

Yes this is one of those gems. One that anyone can walk into and soak in.
I know I did.

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  1. how absolutely lovely. I like the photos but mostly I like that one is able to find something a little less cool but more with a historical feeling, a warmth, interest, a special touch...Or maybe it's just me. It's what I love, but just ignore me. I am just silly. So glad you got to see this. And there is more to come.


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