Sunday, September 9, 2012

St. Philips, Charleston SC
Looking through the Lens...
...and taking the time to walk and look through things.
Focusing and capturing moments.
Seeing things for the first time.
Walking through historic Charleston SC you come upon buildings that have stood the test of time - both through natural storms and storms brought on by humans.
The streets are full of interesting sites one step after another.
There are stories everywhere.
I am always looking. Looking for that special or unique angle.
I bet there are more people who have photographed this church than I could count. 
I counted several just while I was there.
It spirals up to the sky with it's majestic tower, as if to send a message.
The cemetery connected to this parish was eerie but serene. And closed today. Which is a shame because there were some interesting stones, trees and plants inside. And gates. There are gates everywhere. Beautiful tight walkways with foliage growing throughout the grounds and even taking over the sidewalks (literally growing IN the brick and mortar) - and intertwining in the fences.

Pier, at Isle of Palms SC
Grasping for angles....
I am trying to show an emotion of distance and depth with this shot.
I hoped to capture the waves reaching to grasp onto the posts of this pier. 

Unsuccessful they recede back into the sea...and try again with each set of waves.
It is a constant. One after another. Not stopping.
The wind was pretty steady and full and the water was warm. Nice.
I loved the barnacles too - holding onto the wood with success. Unlike the waves.

Piers are interesting. 
They seemingly reach out into the sea and appear to go out into the horizon in some places.

I have been trying to get in here and post before midnight but it gets harder every day....grrrrr

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  1. this must be one of my favorites....I guess I am less urban and more watery/beachy/country, haha.


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