Monday, September 10, 2012

Morris Island Light,SC
I enjoy drawing parallels and pointing out contrasts to myself.
That is just one of the things I enjoy about taking photos and working them for enjoyment and then sharing.
I love seeing what I might not have seen when I looked through the lens. 
I believe that is the goal I sought to achieve when I planned a trip to visit totally opposite venues.
Opposite in population type and in the style of the cities themselves.
Even our mode of transportation was a huge contrast! 

Oak Street Beach, Chicago IL

The Water is Fine...
In both venues there is a body of water and miles of beaches.
There is interest and weight in the buildings and the architecture.
History abounds in all of the places. Stories and entertainment lie as a foundation for the visitor.

I love both of these photos.

One is the Oak Street Beach in Chicago. That photo in itself is a contradiction!
Look at those skyscrapers as the backdrop to a beach area with a laid back, not-in-the-city attitude.

Then there is the Morris Island Lighthouse photo. Not as strong a contrast in this one. Just plain serenity with the waves in motion and the Light behind in the sea. As if to stand strong against the elements. Maybe that is a parallel to draw here?


  1. The magnificent photo of the waves breaking against the boulders and the lighthouse way in the background really strikes my fancy. Gorgeous.......

  2. And I love the old steps leading up to the windows which I didn't post on......I love the South....maybe because it reminds me of all those old walls and green sprouting from the walls. How remiss of me not to post so many of mine...but thankfully we now have a blog.


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