Tuesday, September 11, 2012

River Street - Savannah GA
Some quick thoughts...

 Walking through Savannah in the River Street District today was interesting and I found some of my shots coming out to be totally opposite from what I think of when I hear the words - Savannah GA.
There was actually a lot of urban looks along the river.
Lots of shops too. I went into a few.

In between the brick and mortar and iron, you can always find some sort of life growing. I am always amazed by the idea that some sort of plant life will find a place to thrive.
I love all the ornamental ironwork around us too. Anything with lines and depth piques my interest! 

Among the older buildings there is a diversity in styles and the city has seemed to plan well for some spaces with green. I like that in a city.
You cannot walk to far before you come upon another small park, or square.

Savannah City Hall
Yes, the lighter side...
Tucked in between the live oaks and buildings was this bright and shining dome.

I believe this is the City Hall...there are so many monuments and landmarks here. 
It is a good way to mark where you have been so you don't get lost!

Or you can remember a certain shop or eatery to find your way. There is no shortage of those!
The sweet shops are fun to walk into. You can always get a sample of the local, very sweet pralines here. 

The area is also known for it's cemeteries and beautiful homes.
I plan to visit those as well.
I think my head is beginning to spin...

Enough...I am tired from today's walks!


  1. Oh my gosh, you must be overloaded with photos!!! I hope you are taking some time away from the lens to just soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the alone time with your partner. I would be losing my mind wondering what I was going to do with all of those photographs. I'm enjoying each and every one of them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. well, I would totally echo Sharon's advice here, haha. Take time off from looking for ventures to capture....you still have years and years and can always go back to it. Enjoy...I admire your diligence also because I am the opposite. Love the deep thinking on each photo too.


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