Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walkway around Trump Building, Chicago
Trump International
Looking Back...
A daily (or several times daily I should say) path was through here.
The Trump International Hotel walkway - by the river - was the best shortcut to get to the bridge and up to cross the street. At least from the front of our hotel.
We walked past this building and in and around so many times. 

It became quite familiar.
The days were all excellent weather-wise. Which was good.

We walked virtually almost everywhere. And a good part of the full perimeter of the downtown area. Walking all the way around was long. But worth it. I got quite a few shots obviously, of the building.The view from our room included the very tall illuminated piece at night.

Billy Goat Tavern, Chicago
Billy Goat...
This was an interesting stop. We just had to go down, and go in.
And order - and eat a cheeseborger!
I am old enough to remember the first time John Belushi ever did his  "cheeseborger, cheeseborger, cheeseborger' character. And believe it or not - he got his inspiration from the Billy Goat Tavern!
Even the man taking our order sounded just like him.

It was a fun thing to do, and worth going inside and sitting down. Just a small part of Saturday Night Live trivia I guess.

I believe there is a Billy Goat place on Navy Pier now too.
You also can see our hotel right behind the overpass. The Conrad.
We walked this way everyday too. Several times.
Hmmm.....we walked a lot.

(And I cannot wait to see what my good friend Goshiki comes up with when she goes on her trip. I am looking forward to her photos! And what she does with them!!)


  1. I'm assuming that you are home now and recovering from your trip. I can not wait to visit the loop with photography in mind. I am lucky, my husband does the bulk of the photo taking. I merely point out what I find interesting and then I take care of the post processing which takes me many long, wonderful hours. I think we should give the Billy Goat Tavern a try. As much as I love nature photos, the architecture of Chicago has such strong appeal. Love the lines and perspectives. Love your shot of the walkway, as well as your description. You have gotten me so excited about our upcoming photo walk. Enjoy your time at home pouring through your thousands of pics!!!

  2. interesting photos for sure though bad bad me, I am not quite into metal and this kind of style but your photos take me on a tour that I would normally not have taken and it's inspiring to make me look at structures. Twice I have been there but never looked at it the way you do.


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