Tuesday, October 23, 2012

James Island, SC
This view was amazing and very relaxing.
We had dinner on this outside deck in James Island SC. I took several shots while waiting on the food...and after.
Lots of detail in this. I started shooting too late to get the actual sunset.

Pops @ Hatteras
this is another place we love to visit. 
We always tease about going to "Pops."
Pops is a very small eatery on Highway 12 in Hatteras.
If you like shrimp, and with some spice, then the spiced shrimp is for you.

I know my family loves it.
Different atmosphere, super casual - but just as nice.
We have had some very good times here!


  1. Now, that shot of the bridge is my kind of photo! You worked it beautifully and the clouds cooperated with you to produce a dramatic and beautiful sky. I also love how the stars and stripes stand out. I know you can look at your pic, now enhanced to match your memory, and be transported right back to that place and time.

    I'm surprised you even stop shooting to eat!!!

  2. I like the look of that eating place - it doesn't always have to be ritzy...ritzy gets boring too if frequented too often.....great pop of colors, great photos.


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