Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn @ Caesar Creek Lake
It seems like I am always walking somewhere.
This time it was through the trees. So many colors and views.

This is a place we go to a lot. It is down by the gorge at a local lake. There are walking paths and we have taken them but usually we stick around the bridge and waters edge.
I ventured a little into the woods and you could just smell Autumn.
There is something about the leaves that have a definite smell. It's a good smell. It smells like fall.

Red barn on Waynesville Road
Another View...
and then when you are out looking for those perfect Autumn shots, you come across so many barns and fields. I sort of decided to just let this one "be."
Not a whole lot of editing...but I am really one who likes to 'shoot-to-edit' ...LOL.
And yes, that barn is really red!

(notice the Christmas star? I guess they leave it there all year!)


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  1. I don't know why, but I am a real sucker for a piece of work with a nice pop of red. Good grief, I would love to be out there walking with you enjoying the fall and trying to get some of my own pics.

    Great look through the trees. Branches and bark provide some of the most beautiful and irregular textures; way better than some manmade background paper.

    Love how you framed both of these shots in the camera.

  2. love both these views and would not have noticed the xmas star if you had not mentioned it....and the photo treatment really makes it look like a work of art.


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