Saturday, October 20, 2012

In the Dark...
A night view
Walking through the city at night was a different experience.

I love this building on the left; the Wrigley Building....tall and towering but yet intricate in the details. I can see why it was nick-named the "wedding cake" building. The Giralda-inspired tower always intrigues me.
Maybe I am easy to intrigue?

This shot is taken while walking down Rush street...sort of to the back?
(I will load a photo of this building from the front, and with the clock tower)
You can see the Crain Communications Bldg and another tall tower, lighted in the background (75 Wacker). 

To me, this is almost an eerie look. Almost vintage.
Being a night shot just makes it more special...


  1. I half expect to see the Batmobile coming down the street! You are so adventurous to walk all day and then go back out at night. Your effort certainly provided dividends. I love the glow with no loss of detail and the tall tower in the background knocks my socks off. The sensation of imposing height is palpable. Fantastic mood!!!

  2. love the mood, the angle and the lighting and yes, you are unbelievable. It has to be a new passion or maybe I did not know that side of you. Mike must have been a saint during those long hours walking along and shooting pics.


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