Friday, October 19, 2012

Angel @ Bonaventure
A quiet walk...
And interesting at that.
This is one of the many striking sculptures in the Bonaventure Cemetery.
An Angel with now broken wings and missing fingers. She stands next to this slab with the name on it.
Marie Barclay Taliaferro, who died in 1893. She was only 35 years old.

It is a shame people have come in and destroyed part of this art.
I think (correct me anyone if I am wrong) that the sculptor was a local man, John Walz.
He is known for the one next to this Angel, Gracie Watson. She was a little girl...I have photos and will get to them. Her life-like sculpture is now behind gates...

John Walz is also buried here. Ironically with no marker. 
There is an organization working to change this...

The history is everywhere in this beautiful place.


  1. Just got off my treadmill, came down to cool off a bit and found this. You know that cemetery art affects me profoundly and your photo hit me as though I were there walking around in real life. At first I thought you had painted the background, but then I realized it was the intricate moss hanging from the trees. I just HAVE to see that in person!!! You did an excellent job of capturing the facial details of the angel's face. So often they get hidden in the shadows. Like you, the thought of vandalism turns my stomach, but I have learned that the weather over time really takes it's toll on these old pieces or art. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  2. except that I was on a treadmill, I echo everything Sharon says.....I have a 'thing' about cemetaries - though my tend to swing more towards the less fortunate ones. You have captured this beautifully, the atmosphere, the ambience, the sadness...and very upsetting to see these beautiful statues vandalized. Disgusting actually.


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