Thursday, October 18, 2012

Take a walk...
...and it is interesting what you see.

Velvet Elvis @ Savannah
This is down in Savannah...right around the corner for Paula Deen's restaurant, 'Lady and Sons.'
(Yeah...good food. Of course I got the shrimp-n-grits. I could not eat it all....but it was good.)

When we were walking I took some random shots and this was one of them.
I had to - just for the title of the place across the street here - the 'Velvet Elvis', now that is a name that will pique some curiosity. No, we didn't go in!

I loved working with this photo. It reminds me of the atmosphere in the city. 
I guess Savannah is called the "Hostess City" for a reason. We felt very welcomed there.
I certainly would love to be walking through there today...


  1. Oh my gosh, the photo is incredible!!! The depth of color, the fine detail and how you framed your subject. My eye went right to the red building. The architectural features you captured are intricate and beautiful. Every time you post something from Savannah, I can't wait to visit. Your pics, as well as your commentary get me revved up!

  2. you have seen details that I must have missed but then again I didn't dream of photography.....and regrets are flooding in, lol. Love love that shot, love the row of houses in colors. I especially think it was luck having those two cars parked there. They really add color too.


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