Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chicago RiverFront
You get a different POV of the riverfront in these photos. Some of the buildings are new developments and I can appreciate them,  along with the older ones. It must be a nice feeling to reside in one of these I think.
Yeah, I am used to suburbia so the "urban" appeals to me...even though the suburbs can be pretty and manicured they sometimes get monotonous.
And face it - downright boring...

I find structures alone to be interesting.
Different cities offer views of skylines and grids.
In all honesty, grids and lines are basically similar. Even in other countries.

You have systems that have been generated from the Roman will find some consistency everywhere. Even if it is subtle. (this is in larger, more major cities - not small towns etc.) 
I really do enjoy studying this and believe it or not I have many photos of just skylines. From all over.
Yeah, it sounds dorky.

Chicago RiverFront 2
I love scrapers...and of course the infrastructure of the bridges and roads that envelope them and they always add more interest.
The ones I am showing here are not really that tall either.
But they are beautiful in their own right and add character to the city. With the parks and fountains along the way it becomes very inviting. Well, at least while the weather is nice.

My photos have been worked to enhance the emotion with the buildings. I have a series of shots that I am working with and hope to have it in a coherent order soon!
I also will be working with them more as far as taking them into a b/w or sepia toned set.
But I like this vibrant look for now.



  1. Love the details and the contrast. I agree that suburbia can be boring & monotonous. The architecture of Chicago can get anyone excited. I prefer to take a day trip and then head back out to the boring area that has some nature and is quiet. I also agree that skylines lend themselves beautifully to B&W. Look forward to seeing your transformations.

  2. I love the way you worked the photos, the contrast of the buildings is great and so are the angles though even though I lived in super large buildings and cities but I am also happier in boring smaller cities and suburbia.


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