Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Under Michigan Avenue
Amazing how pleasant it can be in the oddest places.
Under a busy road, along a river full of boats and people excitingly going here and there. I enjoyed sitting here. Not just because it was a good rest but it was relaxing and nice.
Very unexpected.
I just liked the angle under here. I had to pay attention - making sure not to fall into the river while doing this!

Dobes Rock Muted

A Change in Looks...
Here are two different looks on one photo.
I took this photo in 2006. Didn't do a lot to it in Photoshop. (boy it has come a long way since!)
What I did do is alter the background in the one version. I wanted to give it a more subdued look. The coloring on my dog Valor stayed in tact though.
Which do you prefer???

Dobes Rock - Color


  1. You know, I think the 'enjoyability' of a place has just as much to do with your frame of mind as it does with the place itself. You were on vacation and taking photographs. I can certainly understand why you were feeling pleased.

    I see Valor and my heart turns to mush. I have a strong preference for the muted version of the photo. I think the subtleties of your boy's coloring make more of a statement.

  2. the top photo is great because I personally like how you picked out that huge mushroom post to tie ropes too.....it seems to be the focal point.

    And I really like the muted look in Valor's photos. Then again, that's just perhaps me. I loved Valor in all of his royal poses and color, but the muted look shows his coloring more and it is gentle.

  3. I like both of course, but the color one seems to just have memories flood back, his yard, his green grass.... Our big guy...


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