Monday, October 15, 2012

Just another day...
Chisholm Cross @ Bonaventure
I sort of missed the last two days blogging.
Certainly not from a shortage of photos - I was just too busy to get in here and write down my random thoughts. LOL

It is a bit rainy here - cooler and mostly grey today.
I thought adding a photo from the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah would be a nice highlight. At least here it is.

You can almost feel the warmth from the sun - the sensory reaction to the moss in the live-oaks is amazing...amazing enough to feel here through a photograph for me. The monuments are tall and many are so majestic - in honor of those lost. Many were CSA and in contrast others were small and not so well-known. The full scope of this place is one of quiet and peace.

It is a nice place to go to get a very grounding feeling.

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  1. this makes me feel almost melancholic. Love the Spanish Moss, it's always a beautiful sight, and it will always be imprinted on my memories of the South. A beautiful sight indeed. It makes me want to read up on the history of the cemetary. Sorry, I have no idea what CSA means (not being American) but at a guess I suppose it could mean 'Confederate Southern Army' Confederate States of America? lol? would slaves have been buried there too? Fascinating.


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