Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dining @ James Island
A light just goes off. (or on!)
I think about things and just randomly come up with ideas or those obvious random thoughts.
I am grateful that I am not "stuck" on certain things that would hold me to only one train of thought.
People do that. I even do it sometimes.
You can get stuck in a place where you cannot think outside of a set of parameters - for whatever reason.
I like to think I can step out of it.

Under Downtown Chicago

Tunnel vision. That is what I might call it.
Always sticking to the same thing. Defining yourself by the same old, worn-out views. 
Maybe it is just because so many of us are creatures of habit?
Or do we really believe that we are who we proclaim to be?

It is just a tunnel to go down I suppose...
There is so much more to life.
Get out of the tunnel.


  1. I am having a problem posting a comment. Not sure why. Really weird.
    Love the photos to match your deep thinking on the subject.

  2. Yes please many people need to get out of the tunnel!!!


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