Saturday, October 27, 2012

Road to Tybee
Down the Road...
So many times we ask ourselves...where are we going?  
This is an issue that is really too hard to just place in a blog.
I love images of bridges, roads and simple pathways.
They always make me stop and question just where does the path lead.
The lines are drawn here in this photo. And I love looking at photos or images that draw you into their lines...funny, I was just having this conversation with one of my daughter's this evening. She was saying how she liked the "lines" in her photography. That seems to be common with so many of us.

Down the road...where are we going after all?
I think that is something I may never be able to give a definitive answer to.

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1 comment:

  1. a great great shot and even though I am ignorant about lines, I like the symmetry of this one. I am sure you know WHERE you are going, it might just be a little difficult to get there and by what means. But everyone has a dream of where they want to go and sooner or later you get there - unless you just sit back and stew. Lol.


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