Friday, October 26, 2012

Snead's Ferry NC
Watching a sunset is a always a delight.
This one was more than pleasant as it was tucked away in a small town near the ocean. I remember hearing something equivalent to ramparts in the background. Camp Le Jeune is right across the bay. We ate at this little place, the food was ok from what I can remember but it was more for the atmosphere to go there...

95 Floors Up, Hancock Bldg, Chicago

In contrast...
... and in the same way, this visit was more for the atmosphere vs the food. (the food was more than fine though!) I like the contrast of the two areas. One laid back and out in the country...while this one is smack dab in the heart of the city, looking out to Lake Michigan; Navy Pier starting to light up in the night. I kept the reflection in, of the diners up here on the 95th floor. What a view...
Just two interesting shots.

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  1. nice perspective. I wished I had Sharon's gift of looking at photos, but I don't. I can just see that they look like a watercolor painting. Very nice.


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