Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trump with Reflection
...and looking up.
Two things I look for besides that perfect angle or interesting lines which capture my interest.
When I take photos, it isn't always obvious what I am shooting. Not always.
This one I vaguely remember taking. hahaha.
I was happy to see that I caught the reflections here. And one reflection is my favorite building in this city - well, so far. (How can you choose??)  Let's just say I love the building.
And it isn't the main one in this photo - which is the Trump building.

I caught the Wrigley Building in here...I adore looking at it. So many different pieces to look at.

I understand why some call it the Wedding Cake Building.
I just like it.
It is clean and almost pristine.
Standing there holding it's own with all the other towers, it's clock saying to us, it is in time...


  1. love the reflection in it and your thoughts expanding on those awesome photos.

  2. Oh my, I LOVE this photo. Strong lines mixed with the soft sky. Substantial yet yielding. Yes, the reflection is the icing on the cake. I know I'm going to get dizzy looking up in a couple of weeks. This is DA BOMB, my friend.

  3. The reflection makes this photo even more amazing!


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