Thursday, October 4, 2012

Going Anywhere ...
Everyone has somewhere to be. Somewhere to go.
Under the L @Addison
Quite intent on getting there. On time.
That is what this photo reminds me. Get there. Get going. Drop it and leave.
It just is a scene that is played out all over.


People leaving one mode of transportation for another, faster more direct mode - the train is just one of those...and it definitely gets you where you want to be. The best of both worlds here.
You better get going... 


  1. Magnificent strong lines and texture; that's what I love about urban photography. Great light, considering the location. I am sincerely grateful that this is not my everyday mode of transportation! I can just hear the loud noise.

  2. I love the urban look, the barren desolite rushed feeling.....but I particularly like the red brick building on the makes me wonder what is going on inside.


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