Friday, October 5, 2012

Gull @ Chicago/Lake Michigan
A Contradiction...
...or is it simply a contrast?
I'm just much that we see is a contradiction. 
An untruth. A perception.
Or is it simply a contrast in thought?

I love the photo of this bird with the boats.
Not on some swanky, palm-tree ridden beach.
Right smack dab in the midst of a bustling city. 
He doesn't mind. He is happy. At least until it snows.

I like thinking that there is reason in everything.
That is what makes it worth 'being' sometimes.
We all go about our lives just doing what we feel makes it worth something. That really is all we can do...


  1. nicely said. And I love the gull and how the boat adds warmth to the entire view.

  2. This shot could be used as an example of fantastic composition in a photography class. Fabulous work, my friend. The coloration is beautiful, too.


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