Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dock Street Theater in Charleston

In the nooks of the buildings you can find a variety of interesting shots. I especially like the tone in this photo of the building. Love the teal color mixed with this Terracotta/mauve-ish shade.

Hidden Garden in Charleston
I love the ornateness of the scroll work too.

Charleston has so many buildings with the ironwork and that special historic feel.

Hidden gardens are everywhere. I need to dig up some of those photos. I just kept falling into those shots every time I turned around.
This is just one of them...they
are all through this historic part of the city. So lush and full of greenery. Amazing... 

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  1. now you know why I love having lived in the Middle East, and Italy. I love it because its air of mystery with all those little courtyards is everywhere. I fell in love with Charleston the first time I saw it because it reminded me of all that I loved: charme, mystery, beauty, culture.., fountains, container plants and the feel of old. Yes, Charleston is a lovely place.

  2. There's no doubt that photography makes us seek out beauty from the smallest of details to the vast whole that relays mood in an instance. I think you have found and captured both the small and the general feel in these shots. I can't wait to walk these streets and be searching for particulars and aggregate. Don't know when, but I shall visit, thanks to your inspiration. Stellar work, as always.


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