Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A favorite...
Boats @ Chicago Park District Building
we all have favorites. Even when it comes to photographs.
For some reason I really like this one. I knew I would like it, when I first stooped down to take the shot. At least, I was sure hoping I would like it!
There is some much detail to the frame itself. Maybe that is why I liked it.

Of course the setting was fabulous. It was clear and very warm that day. 
A long walk to get to this point but well worth it.
I like the promise of detail when I look through the lens. I was satisfied with the result when I opened it up to edit. That is a very rewarding feeling...

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  1. great colors though my favorite picture is still the one of Charleston but I love the colors and setting in this one too. It almost tempts me to go into our marina and start shooting some pics.

  2. Oh my, oh my, I LOVE how you composed this photo! You, my friend, have a wonderful eye and translate exquisitely what you see to the view through the lens. The color is full bodied and expressive and the sky is dramatic. An all round fabulous shot that starts and ends with the composition. A+!!!


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