Saturday, November 24, 2012

just thinking...
My granddog, Cooper; deep in thought
I ate too much ice cream.
Or was it turkey? LOL
Maybe something deeper like...

why is it I feel I am off on my own most of the time?
why do people pretend they are in your corner when...they really are not?

sometimes I feel extremely irrelevant and no one is there to say that I am not.
Disappointment abounds. Mainly because I may have allowed it though; thinking one thing about the people in my 'circle', only to finally realize that it isn't real. The joke's on you (me).
It just comes down to - you must be self-reliant or supporting in all aspects of your life.
No one is really going to be there for you.
It isn't so bad. I have always felt this way...It is just that game of thinking one thing when in reality - - - well... you would be kidding yourself to look the other way. You are on your own. Stop thinking any other way.
You will be happier. Thanks got me thinking...

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  1. yes, (sigh), there are times when we all feel this way: alone and detached and wondering where it all leads, everybody around you. Empty.
    Love Cooper's attitude: relax, ignore it all. But it rankles. Love ya.

  2. Coop, my man, I hope you are not sad. I hope you are relaxing and content. Anyone would adore that face. I love the tone of the photo and the shot itself is a gem. You are one fine photographer!

    I hope you don't feel alone all of the time because I feel you are there for me. I don't need tons of interaction, but relish checking in on you and being stimulated and motivated by your work. My girl is deploying today, so I feel like Cooper looks.


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