Monday, November 26, 2012

@ Charleston
just one of my 'walk' photos.
An ordinary garden down a street in Charleston.
I like the POV but now wish I would have changed it up a bit. I still like the shot though because the colors are so vivid, and it brings a sense of calm.
Gardens do that. Maybe that is why I would much rather live in a warmer or more temperate climate. I could have a garden for most of the year...

I like the small details to this shot. Lots of motion with the branches and foliage.
The path is is a different day. Right?

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  1. What I love most about this shot is how you caught the flow of the cobblestones. They are not perfectly straight and I can follow the winding lines all the way into the background. I can see the old fashioned craftsmanship here inside of the excellent framing you created.

    You could travel the same path two days in a row and not experience the same thing depending on what you are receptive to that day.

    I like the intimateness of this photo. Have a good one!

  2. love the tone of the photo, you really took some great shots, Amy and I love your last thought on this. Very deep changing from the path being perfect to it being a NEW day. Great thinking.


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