Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Up out there...
me @ the Willis Tower; 103 floors up
in space somewhere.
Na, not really.
We all feel we are 'out' there somewhere some days. ;)

This is me. Just sitting there (not really sure of what I was doing? Maybe looking at my hands for reference of space??)
Up 103 floors...looking out into Chicagoland.
I am normally not thrilled with heights but somehow this didn't bother me. We walked all the way from Trump International around Wacker Drive...all hot and sweaty...so it was a relief. Me, in my Bocelli tee and all...hahaha..hovering above, outside of the Willis Tower with other people thinking the same thing.  

It was kinda cool...

Now I need to go bike my 18 miles to work off that stupid caramel corn I bought...why do I buy junk food?!

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  1. grrrrrrrr, I am freaking out just looking at this. No way would you catch me up there, not even with a wall or safety net. Nooo way. Now who was taking the picture? Must have been Mike. Great shot actually, lol.

  2. This makes my heart race just looking at it!!! Don't think I'd care to do it without a few martinis first. But I would encourage my husband to get out there and get some great shots. I love your adventurous, fun loving personality. You look like you are preparing for takeoff. What a memory!!!!!


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