Friday, November 9, 2012

Just sort of quick...
Ducks on the Pond
I didn't realize where the day went to!
So this will not be too wordy.

Or too many photos.
I have so many I have been working that it is getting difficult to decide which ones I want to highlight or muse upon...
I like this photo. I ran across it yesterday when I was going through one of the hard drives. That is a chore alone!
It isn't cold or snowy here - yet, but this is just a reminder to me. I need to go out and enjoy what is left of the more moderate weather. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow so I think I will go to a favorite park and shoot some hdr pieces. Thanks to my friend Sharon, for inspiring me to PLAN it! LOL
Normally I just go and see what happens. I will take the tripod to capture those bracketed shots...or not. Need to get my ducks in a row...

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  1. hope you managed to get some hdr the idea of hdr. And of course, your Mallards are adorable. I haven't clicked on the larger pic but they look like Mallards to me from where I am sitting.

  2. LOVE this photo!! Would make a great Timeline as well if you're on FB, LOL!! Beautiful shot:) x

  3. I love the contrast in this photo and your magnificent job of framing your subjects. Makes me cold!

    We did not get out on our HDR photo shoot this weekend. Too windy to take bracketed shots. Too windy for any shots in a garden. We will try again next week. Hope you fared better.


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