Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm on a payphone..
Oh why is it that when I see this pay phone I have Adam Levine's 'I'm on a Pay Phone' song in my mind?! That is not good because it stays there

You don't see too many of these around, the pay phone that is.
This one is in Cincinnati, near the Krohn Conservatory...actually - in Eden Park.
I am trying to just be more lighthearted in posting this. (I am not even sure who sees this!) Enough of the carousels and going round and round. It wears me out.

Just a phone.
Yeah, that song is still there...  

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  1. this will be one of my most favorite pics. Love love the lush background to it and the way the phone box is accentuated. It's a pity you don't use larger images in the actual blog because most of the time people probably won't click on the larger one but for example this particular photo is outstanding in large size and doesn't show up at all in small.

  2. Love the simplicity of this. Amazing how a photo of a telephone booth can drag you back in time to so many memories of other things. I like the pop of the blue and the glow of the glass. Ah, the freedom of interpretation in this is FANTASTIC!


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