Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Carousel @ Navy Pier
seems to be a carousel at times.
Round and round. 
Seemingly doing the same things - maybe making the same mistakes?
Rarely do we think this of all the good things in life.
Funny. It comes to mind when there are things that are unpleasant.
Round and round....
I say it is time to get off and go on. I sure will try...

And yet I like carousels. Go figure.

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  1. I dislike riding on merry-go-rounds, but love the craftsmanship of a fine old piece like this. Your photo is such a marvelous contrast between the ominous sky and the lighthearted coloring of the horses. Absolutely fantastic how you caught the name of the ride as it went by and also the detail you brought out in the flooring. I can almost hear the music now and I think your color work is spectacular.

  2. I really really like old carousels and this one looks gorgeous, Amy. My childhood memories are of carousel horses. Gorgeous colors and your thoughts of going round and round are very appropriate.


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