Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Looking through to the Lake Shore Drive Bridge
Looking through...
This POV is a bit different.

Just looking through.  
Or is it a feeling of looking into?
You can see it however it might strike you.
I had ambivalent emotions when I looked at this photo. It really could bring some feelings to the front that you might not want to feel. Maybe it makes you feel off to the side, or not being engaged.
Distant. Maybe even broken somehow.
You could even get the feeling that you are about to embark onto something...

It's not a remarkable photo but I do like looking at it.
You can interpret so many different things.
I do like that.
(and actually? It was surprisingly calm/quiet here in this spot!)

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  1. I feel like you've found your own personal calm space to observe from, although I'm sure it wasn't quiet and idle. I really like the red iron of those bridges. Have a good one.......

  2. great tones, I also like the red /maroon tone on the bridge.


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