Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 Inside the Rookwood
Historical dining...
Well. That may be pushing it.
We love going to the Rookwood to eat.
Yes, the Rookwood - the world famous pottery. They converted it years ago into a restaurant. 

Good food too. 
In the photo to the right you can see the bar and behind it, one of the kilns. 
LARGE kilns obviously. You can even be seated inside one to dine.
We have done that with a larger party. I think there are three of these in the place.

One is just more of a converted lounging room.
My whole family loves it...and the views outside are wonderful.

Outside the Rookwood
Now...if someone would just like to give me a piece of Rookwood...LOL

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  1. Oh, you must be such a wonderful dinner partner!!! Probably need an extra place setting for the camera! Hahahaha, I understand, girlfriend. Really like that shot of the bar/kiln. Would like to have that in my kitchen. I just love places with atmosphere and it helps if the food is satisfying. I adore your motivation and spunk.

  2. if it's got kilns, I would go crazy there too. Love pottery and if it's old or close to being historical, it's even better. It sounds wonderful and if we are ever there, I know I would push to go and eat there too.


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