Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wacker Avenue Bridge
I love all the bridges in this city. There is something about looking down the line of them that is just appealing. When look at the photos of the bridges it does bring a sense of strength in an odd way.
I like the red steel pitted together (or against!) with the concrete pillars. You feel that there is nothing that could knock this down just by the mere massiveness of the structure. You can see the building (31 E Wacker) in the very back too...
Some days you might feel that there are so many bridges to cross. Just everyday stuff. But yet we all just get up and cross what comes in front of us. If the task is daunting one has to use the pillars of strength they have inside of them - to hold them up and get through it.

Ok, that is a bit heavy. But...we all do have those moments...

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  1. I could get very 'deep' where bridges are concerned. Used to have terrible, vivid and recurrent dreams about them. With hindsight, I might be able to explain why I had them when I did and no longer do. Aside from psychological interpretations, they definitely make great photographic subjects. Coincidentally, I was working on a pic of the same imposing red steel today. Not at all satisfied.

    I like how you captured the underside of the structure, along with the soaring skyscraper.

  2. I love bridges and my husband has a passion for them....and your thoughts on bridges are very deep, (not that I am surprised, knowing how you crazy about subjects and I just adore how you do it. I am totally useless describing any feelings I have about structures unless they are ancient. Ok, laugh. We all have our weak points but you are totally right: we all have to lean on the pillars at times. xo


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