Friday, November 16, 2012

Off the AmTrak
why do I love looking at train tracks like this?
I think a lot of people do as well. I see so many photos of train tracks, just going.

Inside the tracks @ Union Station

These were inside of Union Station in Chicago. You can see the Metra off to the side in the more colorful shot.
I purposely worked these a little different. I did a lot of blending and you might even be able to see a design come through on the less saturated photo. I was just having fun.
In the end, it is the tracks that I am drawn to....just going and going...

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  1. it just amazes me what you do with the photos when little me doesn't even have a clue. I just play with mine but never consciously really 'work' them. The left one is my favorite, it really leaves you to think about the tracks and where they are leading to.

  2. Definitely noticed the specular highlights showing through the subtle coloration. Adds a nice dash of mystery. Love how you have them floating around up near the hanging lights in the train station. The tracks are always interesting and a photographic challenge. I have finished a page of the train tracks from my trip. I'll have to get it up for you to see.


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