Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beach pail @ the OBX in NC
The grass is...
always greener somewhere else isn't it?
Well... I would love to be in this scene right about now!

Sitting - just sitting. Watching and listening to the surf come in and out.
And the warmth of the sun beading down.
Maybe with enough visualization I can bring that feeling here - where it is very cold and the ground is covered with snow.
They say it might warm up next week though...into the 40s. LOL
I'll take it.

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  1. Magnificent depth of field here. Love the scale of the bucket. It immerses you right into the beach staring out at the lovely bokeh riding the waves inward. I think the simplicity of this photo is absolutely grand, as is the execution. It elicits an immediate and primitive response from me.

    Always enjoy your work with my morning tea.

  2. I feel totally hopeless when I read Sharon's comment because I cannot see the depth....I only see a broken bucket in some wet sand, but I do so love the color and the feeling of being able to actually touch the sand. I am so glad I looked here because it makes me think of all the good times.


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