Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mama Squirrel
Long days...

It seems an eternity. This week. Or the last two weeks.
I guess that is what happens when you seemingly enter a black hole of the flu.
It is cold and yet again snowy here. I haven't seen my regular squirrel visitors in a few days. Maybe they are smarter than I think and are staying warm in their nests. I have had a few stop to get peanuts...but once I got sick, I stopped being there. We will can't snow forever right?
This is one I have called Mama. She has been a resident in the tree next door for years. I think she has moved on to another tree...but the name came from the one year we would sit and watch her babies come out to play. It was interesting. She actually is quite dominate and grunts/growls at the other squirrels when I feed them. She is quiet and calm with me - comes slowly and intently....she even steps inside the stoop sometimes. But I know she is getting older. Her face shows it. In this photo she is younger looking....oh well. 

I will be watching for her as the weather changes...I thought it was nice to put up a photo from a warmer month.

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  1. I love it when I imagine you sitting there with your birds and squirrels and just resting peacefully or trying to take a snap at nature. Looking at the squirrel mummy, I really miss my garden - not the squirrels. They were a pest in my attic, lol. Love the way you work on the pics, dear Amy.

  2. So sorry you were stricken with the flu. Hope you are feeling chipper by now.
    Great photo of your little friend enjoying one of her special treats from you. I'm glad you can enjoy her and that you wonder about her when you don't see her. I'm always looking outside to see who's around or flying by. Sometimes it's best to just enjoy and stop thinking about getting a photo! Very hard to do though.



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