Friday, December 28, 2012

A full ring...
My son came home late last night and wanted me to run out and take a shot of the moon - it had a huge ring around it.
So quickly I took a few shots. Not the best but you can see the reflective ring. (he explained it so much better, something to do with the sun and the snow and....oh well...)
I have more work to do on my night shots! I just wanted to load this one real quick. It's been a long day...or week.

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  1. wow, yes, I understand that MP wanted you to take a shot of this. It's very special and unusual and a great shot, Amy.

  2. Ah, just beautiful. Gives me the chills looking at it. I was looking at the full moon here through the trees in my backyard and certainly did not see the ring you've captured. Awesome!


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