Thursday, December 27, 2012

snowy Celtic cross...
it snowed here. This isn't much of a photo really, but I have been sick so this is the first I could get out and get some shots of the white stuff.
What fun...not really. I don't particularly like snow...or cold for that matter. At first it can be pretty but then it gets old real fast! Maybe tomorrow I will get more interesting shots. This is the Celtic cross in my garden...

I think I like the scene in this photo below better.
Much more my speed....LOL...

AJ'S Dockside; Tybee Island

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  1. it really shows how different we are in some aspects: the Celtic cross is my favorite. The calmness, the colors, the fact it's a cross and especially it's it. Is this in the local cemetary?

    The colors in the scene below are of course fabulous, and the greatest contrast from the snowy one. Here the sun is hotly blazing, lol. Great shot, dear Amy and hope you are feeling better by now. (though I shouldn't be talking.)

  2. lol, I did not see that you said it was in your garden. Maybe you posted or added it to your text? or maybe I am going blind though I hope not. Now of course I am wondering why on earth you would be having a cross in the garden unless of course it is for Valor?

  3. I love the stature and detail of the celtic cross; have always been drawn to them. What I like most here is the comparison of your two photographs. The contrast tells me where your head is. Strangely enough though, both have a calming effect on me.


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