Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas
It's almost Christmas...
..and you can go to most towns and see how they have trimmed out the city with symbols of the season to give residents and visitors an experience to remember.

Walking down this street in Lebanon, Ohio you can see the light poles adorned with wreaths and banners proclaiming their wishes for you. It makes you feel part of the season. This was just a side street on the way down to the train station. Some cities go to great lengths to show the fun of the season. This was just nice and quaint..simple.

This is a busy time of year. Working photos takes some time; some more than others. Like you, my schedule is pretty busy but I will keep trying to post my work. In case I get all caught up, I want to say "Merry Christmas" and of course best wishes for the New Year!

Oh dear, it is almost midnight! I best get posting this. I still have shopping to do!!

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  1. I love the simple message this has: just the wreath with the old style lantern and the older building behind.....lots of color, simple without the glare of commercialism which I so dislike...I wished you could see Niagara-on-the-Lake at this time and you would see the scene of a fairytale. Same as in your's lovely, Amy.

  2. Boy, do I like that red banner and bow against the dull sky.
    Beautiful, simple way to send the message.
    Happy Holidays to you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us.


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