Thursday, December 20, 2012

I keep coming across these shots where one might have to look closer.
This station (and I don't see any gas pumps other than the vintage one against the brick) caught my eye as we were walking. I know the look is intentional because they have a permanent passenger in this VW Bus...
I do like the look, the old brick or tile. The colors offsetting each other and the sky in the distance looks impending. 
I liked the tone against the building. You never know what you will see...

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  1. Oh brother, this is right up my alley. You may remember an image I put together of a VW van and a warehouse. I LOVE this; the color, the subject matter, the detail (even the cracks in the brick) and the tonal contrast. This truly strikes my fancy. My husband calls me an old hippie, so go figure! Adore those pumps, the red pops and the bright highlights. You worked this one to perfection. PEACE!!!!!

  2. ohh my, what a fabulous burst of color from that old van.....You really really made this pop and I bet it would sell, if you had it in a gallery.


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