Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This one is different. A different style of building or rather buildings.
Findley Market @ Cincinnati
I love going to markets. At first you feel a little awkward taking some photos, esp if they are people. (and I have my handy booklet in my bag for releases now) But even if all the photographic ducks are not in a row, I still like shots like these. Not that this is bad...I just wasn't aiming for anything other than the atmosphere.

Love these "row" buildings. My husband thinks they are run down but I like them. 
They are so interesting to look at. Of course the market is always nice too. 
This time of year we are all going out to the 'market' whether it is for gifts or food.

This is an angle from the front.
There are no cars on the streets so you can walk around a little. Soak it in...You can pick up some fresh meats or veggies. Even sweets. To be honest, there is too much to choose from!

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  1. I love markets, though the one we really like going to is two hours away but it's worth it. You would love the Christkindl market in Freiburg, people come from all over to enjoy the atmosphere. Love your shot and the angle and I like those row houses very much.

  2. I like how you worked this one; seems to be a little more abstract. Really like how you shot through the gates; cordons off the area and makes it seem more like it's own little colorful world.


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