Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pest or?...

This is one of those squirrels that hawk was watching a few days ago. Yes, they eat squirrels. I have seen them flying overhead with a squirrel in their talons. Not a sight I ever want to see again. It bothers me.
Don't get me wrong. I love those birds; they are beautiful. They just need to hunt and eat away from me! And the animals I feed. I bet cars are a worse enemy to the squirrels...but...
This one is a white squirrel who I appropriately call 'Whitey.' For lack of other name to come out of my mouth when calling it. It was a very shy and timid animal and still is very reserved but over the last few months she has learned that I am - ok. She regularly takes peanuts right out of my hands as do a few other regular colored squirrels. I have one who is older and very soft and calm...until another squirrel gets too close!
I enjoy watching them, they are very smart and since we have had all sorts of pets over the years (including rats who were as tame and smart as a well-trained dog) I do welcome seeing them. And they don't chew up my house or the wires -- not yet anyway.

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  1. Aack, I just typed a lot and then lost my comment. It's probably my punishment for complaining about squirrels. This little gal is adorable. I've never seen a white one before. My grandmother used to have a squirrel come to the screen door and scratch until they opened it and hand fed her a treat. I loved it!

    Around here, I've seen a red tail go after a squirrel. Our bunny population was low at the time. I actually had a bobcat chasing a squirrel in my yard a few years back. I am a nature buff and enjoy getting to know the critters around me.

    Fabulous photograph. Unique subject with uber 'cute' appeal. I like the depth and the incredible detail. Also like how the chain link fence traverses the image.

    Give Whitey a nice Christmas present.

  2. Amy, what a great photo, it's fantastic and very sharp. Beautiful work, and I am glad you like them. I like them from a distance, lol. They used to chew my wires in the attic and I had to scatter mothballs to get them evicted...but they are adorable and my Dad loved them too. He used to take a bag of peanuts to the park and feed them.


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