Sunday, December 16, 2012

North Pole Express in Lebanon, OH
Just fun...
Sometimes you just have to go out and do it.
Have some fun, go somewhere different? Grab some lunch at a nice place and then walk.
I like to do this....and the walking after eating also includes shooting whatever the area has to offer.

This is the North Pole Express in Lebanon....well, it is the engine and cars of the LM&M Railroad. Today they were taking kids to see Santa. We walked and took photos...and as I was turning around the engineer signaled to me. (I thought he was going to tell us to move it!)
He actually wanted to have me come up into the cabin...seeing how I was shooting photos he realized I might like to get some shots from there. It was interesting...lots of old dials and levers!
It always pays to just go take a walk and look.
...and all of those kids were in for a good time! (all tickets for the day were sold out)

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of "The Polar Express", my daughter's favorite Christmas story. We read that book over and over and rang the little bell. I wish to heck I would have thought of this myself earlier, I would have sent her a copy of the book where she is, in the middle of nowhere, right now.

    This sounds like such an exciting thing for the kids.

    I love the three sections in your photo; the brick pavers, the gravel and the train, all fading off into the distance. I think it implies distance and movement. Great contrast in this pic.

  2. well, this is most certainly not controversial as my posting is today. You better not bother to see it. Ignore it, go elsewhere or go for another train expedition. Love trains too, especially when they look older. And I definitely love the colors in this, the old bricks in stark contrast to the yellow on the engine..


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