Saturday, December 15, 2012

Red-Tailed Hawk
That is the task for me...on this one. 
I decided to concentrate on capturing this Red-Tailed Hawk who happened to be sitting on my fence this morning. Seems the hawks in the area know I feed the squirrels and birds.
Hmmm....I went out to shoo he or she away and took my camera with me! This bird wasn't too willing to leave and when it finally flew off the fence it landed about 50 feet away in a tree at the creek right behind my yard. So I continued to take some photos.
I wasn't super pleased with the ones on the fence - where I was only 10 feet was cold and a bit shaky. Needed the tripod!
I have both Red-Tails and Cooper's Hawks always stopping by...the birds are beautiful; I just don't want them eating any of the animals I feed...some of the squirrels take food from my hands. These birds need to find dinner somewhere else!! 
Until then, maybe I should have the tripod handy so I can get some real good shots...

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  1. Gorgeous baby!!!! Amazing detail on the downy belly feathers and the translucency of the markings. This beautiful creature is one of the things that is RIGHT with the world. As far as focus is concerned, you have 'eagle' eyes. Stunning photograph.

  2. one of my favorite birds, and it is unbelievable how you catch them. Sharon is right: you have the eagle eye. A gorgeous picture ready to hang in a gallery.


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