Friday, December 14, 2012

Out to the Sea...
We all like that perfect view. Whether the vista is broad and endless or just something pleasant to look at, you can't deny a good view.
I remember taking this shot. It wasn't anything extra-ordinary and I wasn't sure if I could capture the feeling. It had just rained if I remember right and the sun was coming out. You can see bits of light over the greenery.
In my work on this one I wanted to give it an older, close to a distressed look but yet still keep the tone and integrity of the photo. You can still see the reflections in the water and surf's edge. You can detect the  motion of the sea oats swaying. It was warm...and very quiet. I was impressed by how quiet it was. Almost eerie. And yet, there were people out there...this sort of makes me just want to take a vacation...

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  1. it would bother me to see those individual wood landing warfs or whatever they are called - one is enough, lol. On the other hand, i am not sure if I would want to walk through the green stuff, what with slithering snakes perhaps? A very intriguing look actually and it makes me want to know what is beyond those walkways. Great photography, I can even see some matchsticks walking along the beach.

  2. I love your desire to 'capture the feeling'. I'm always trying to relay MY impression of the photograph. The same thing can strike us all in different ways. I really like the dappled lighting here and the boardwalks and piers that cut across the lush greenery. I get a feeling of insignificance in the scheme of things and contentment from being a part of the whole. Gorgeous scene to 'sink my teeth' into.


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