Thursday, December 13, 2012

Savannah College of Art & Design
... a photo can seemingly take you to a place and time you may have never been to.
I like this one because it does that for me. It reminds me of a place back in the 50's - before I was born or old enough to take in any of it. This is across the street from the Marshall House where we stayed. It seemed to me to not have changed at all with the date. Maybe it is the bikes parked outside or the see SCAD all over Savannah. Art and Design is everywhere. 

What I was really looking at was Leopold's. I didn't get to go inside. We were leaving and they weren't open yet...I should have gone in the day before but...I didn't. Leopold's was founded in 1919 - this isn't the original location. They say Johnny Mercer grew up a block away and would visit when home from Hollywood...and told them he would write a song about his favorite flavor, "Tutti-Frutti"... Leopold's was re-opened in 2004 by Leopold's youngest son and many of the original fixtures have been used. I would have loved to have seen the original store...

This photo also reminds me to charge my batteries. I took this with my iPhone because I had forgotten to charge the battery for my Canon the night before...yeah, if you are going to go shooting photos, remember to pack an extra battery. Hmmm....

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  1. Oh boy, do I LOVE how you worked this photograph!!! Makes me realize I need to go back and rework one of mine that is similar to yours. Thanks for telling the story; makes me go back over the pic again and again and appreciate the subtleties. Grade-A work, girlfriend!!!

  2. I do so love atmosphere and of course those bikes really do it......Love the way you worked the photo too, reflecting the 'supposed' era.


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