Monday, December 10, 2012

dancing with light
Dancing with light...
Originally I was taking these shots to get some silhouettes but the angle wasn't quite right and we were moving on. Lord knows I had taken enough 'dead' lily shots so...
As always when taking a closer look I find something I like.
The light is dancing here in the photo - off the sunlight and the water. There are also little spider webs between the dead leaf...The photo is pretty much as is from the camera. I make my adjustments like I always do but basically it is straight out.
I am finding it hard not to use all the tools I have at my is automatic for me to use masks and layers within one photo. The nuances are small. I keep saying - I think these things in my sleep!
Anyway. I like the 'light dance' in this.

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  1. Wow, how fascinating is this? Nature, along with your photography skills, has provided a background better than any manufactured texture/paper. The detail is stunning, as is the subject. There is intrigue and beauty in many phases of mother nature's work. Impeccable focus. MAGNIFICENT, my friend.

  2. lol, thank God this is not slimey but awesomely beautiful. Love the tone,and the detail in the partially eaten away leaf...aphids = spiderwebs....nature at its best. Love it.


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