Saturday, December 8, 2012

squid and...
A Saturday stroll...
Thanks to my iPhone I can capture some images I might not normally get...I did have my Canon in the car just in case...LOL...but to me - this scene was pretty.
Odd, squid and octopus pretty? Well. marine life is beautiful isn't it? Fluid and graceful. The flow of seafood mixed with the colors of pinks, greys and seemingly purples created a canvas of beauty.
These oozing goodies were on display, for sale, at this International Market we went to today. You can really buy just about anything there. My husband is particularly fond of the huge selection of 'hot sauce.' This place emphasizes it by the addition of the Fire Truck...

Hot Sauces!

Every turn in this huge store offers something unique and sometimes fun. They display the product in a most colorful and very unique way. 

I think I find just shooting things, everyday stuff - to be interesting. I like how when you look through shots you find some to be more appealing and possibly draw you in more than others.  

My job when capturing these images is to bring the viewer there. 
More than a typical tourist-like photo. I want to capture something a bit more.
I like the Squid shot. It feels soft and shows a certain fluidity to me....

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  1. love the shots but am trying not to think about them. They look squishy and remind me of how they really look - under water.

  2. Girlfriend, you crack me up!!! Always looking for the shot! What you call 'fluidity', I call slimey. Have tried these things a couple of times and just don't like them, so maybe that's why the photo gives me a little shiver.

    The hot sauces with the fire engine is a marvelous display.

    This is an example of why I enjoy your blog so much - variety and full spectrum, thoughts and visuals. Always wondering what you will come up with next!


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